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How To Not Be Too BusyMy next video explores how you can “be,” fundamentally, in a way that enables you to find open space in your own calendar and life.

How To Not Be Too Busy

Growing Your BusinessIf your business isn’t growing, or isn’t growing to it’s potential, then something has to change. That must begin with you.

Growing Your Business

GrowthWhat if growth itself was your very highest priority? Whatever you want to create come from your own growth! 


Stop Doing It BackwardsThis video is meant to get you thinking, and the big question is: Where are you creating from? Which version of you is creating? 

Stop Doing It Backwards!

Leading in Times of UncertaintyStep back and look at how you’re doing as a leader. Look at how much you are focused on being a great leader vs. a doer or manager.

Leading In Times of Uncertainty

Blind SpotsYour blind spots are costing you. There are three common areas to examine. Then it becomes: What are you going to do about it?

Blind Spots

Deciding Is Step OneAsk yourself: From where I sit right now, what more is there for me? What if you had 20% more free time? What if everything was just 20% easier?

Deciding Is Step One

Not How To, Want To It’s never “how to.” You must start with a "high want.” Without a high want, you’ll never get to commitment, but with a strong commitment, you can do anything. 

Not How To, Want To Video

Too BusyYou really are too busy, and it does not have to be that way. Consider the costs. Learn how to change.

Too Busy Video

Allowing ClarityWhen you can find your own curiosity—and even a certain humility—and when that gives rise to a thirst for more, you can begin to grow beyond your old limitations.

Allowing Clarity Video

Creating SuccessWhether you want more money, more peace, or whatever will elevate your life, it all starts from where you stand right now!

Creating Success Video