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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about Don’s background, his approach, his audiences, and the topics about which he frequently speaks.


Don Scott's Background

Don Scott spent 35 years in the business and financial industry. He was a partner with Arthur Andersen, became a managing director for a national trust company, and held executive positions with a global energy giant.

However, Don is more than just a business leader with an impressive business background, He also has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. By drawing on both aspects of his experience, Don helps clients see themselves, their lives, their businesses, and careers through a new lens.

Why CEOs Work with Don Scott

High-performing individuals recognize Don as someone they can trust because he has been in their shoes, walked their path, and knows how to steer them towards greater clarity. Don’s clients learn to leverage the powerful connection between their inner life and their external reality.

How Coaching Works

Don guides clients through a discovery process, gives them insights to help shift their personal definitions of success and happiness, and then works with them to create the life they want. 
Don's business leadership coaching is a very personalized process that analyzes one’s strengths, weaknesses, potential for growth, and areas for improvement. Don holds clients accountable with workable action plans designed to produce measurable results. 
Don is thoughtful, engaged, and compassionate with his clients. He does not employ in-your-face tactics. His executive business coaching inspires transformational change for the better without ego bashing or aggressive confrontations. 

Media Interviews:

As a business leadership coach, Don Scott has meaningful insights to share on ways to transform your personal and professional life. Don can speak compellingly to these three primary audiences:


Don Scott works with CEOs and C-suite executives to foster a significant change in their perspective. He facilitates leadership exercises to improve clarity, inner peace, and self-awareness which allow CEOs to communicate more effectively and make better decisions. CEOs experience more joy, purpose, and success because of their work with Don.

Family Businesses

Some of the largest businesses on the planet are family-owned businesses. These enterprises have unique benefits and challenges for the people who run them, and the other family stakeholders. Don Scott works with family business owners to root out misalignments in all areas of their unique operations. His analysis and coaching exercises lead to improved communication between family members, which shifts the family dynamics so the whole team experiences greater alignment and a streamlining of energy. His work helps families make better decisions for improved strategic direction, business growth, and succession planning.

Gen Y

Millennials are idealistic, empathic, and ambitious. Yet many suffer from struggle and pain in their personal lives and careers. Don Scott is the author of Gen Y Unleashed: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams, (Vision Publishing, ISBN 978-0-578-63913-0) a book focused on helping Millennials find their path, purpose, and peace. He helps this generation assess the progress they’ve made so far, and where they’d like to go, and how to move that direction. Importantly, he also helps the families who care about them reduce their own struggle and worry, and be the most powerful force for their children they can be. 


Speaking Requests:

Each of these audiences stands to benefit from hearing Don Scott speak on topics that are relevant, meaningful, and full of positive motivation.


For CEOs

Don Scott communicates what CEOs need to know in today’s business environment. He understands their pain points and challenges, having experienced them firsthand. His speeches include direct references to stress taking a toll on health and wellness—while straining relationships at home. How frustration, anger, and confusion can overwhelm you. What to do when “just work harder” is no longer working. How to make your internal feelings match your outward facing persona. And how to fix the 25% of your life that isn’t working.

For Family Business Owners

Don Scott has a knack for recognizing, assessing, and addressing the dynamics behind running a family-owned business. He has helped countless families confront the issues that lead to the type of dysfunction that can put the family business in peril. His speeches center on the main pain points of these uniquely run companies, such as:
● The price of family fractures and how to heal them.● What to do when a family brand is in decline.● How to deal with the deeper personal issues, critical to successful transition.● The signs of a broken family culture and how to fix it.● How to enhance leadership skills, create clear opportunities and pathways, and enhance retention and performance of key managers.

For Gen Y

Besides business leadership coaching, Don Scott is also an accomplished author, having written Gen Y Unleashed: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams (Vision Publishing, ISBN 978-0-578-63913-0). As a public speaker, he cherishes the opportunity to share the wisdom and insight earned from over three-decades in business leadership roles, coupled with a master’s degree in psychology. He also has two Millennial-aged daughters, so he understands his audience.

Additional Speaking Topics

Don Scott has intimate knowledge and an authentic perspective to share with audiences on these additional topical issues:
● CEO Stress● Toxic Relationships● Living with Desperation● Family Business Dynamics● Millennial Problems● Business Succession● Empowering Leaders● Unlocking Your Potential● Achieving Peace & Clarity● Leading a Purposeful Life● Making Better Decisions● Becoming Less Judgemental● Restoring Joy● Elevating Productivity ● Becoming Self-Aware


Speaking Reviews & Testimonials:

“Frankly, it was gutsy on your part. Talking about feelings is not commonplace in professional settings, but as your message showed, our beliefs, feelings, filters, etc., are our primary barriers and blinders. Very powerful stuff.”
— Ken Nugent, TiE Rockies member
“It’s amazing to have your life’s insights, teachings, and experience synthesized for us in a two-hour session! I am sure that your session is going to have ripple effects and I’m just very glad that they had time to learn from you early in their ‘life journey’.”
— Mohit Mukherjee, VP of Programs, Watson University
“It was inspiring and heartfelt, and I am glad that I was there for it. I heard several positive comments about it—and you—afterwards.”
— Ray Hutchins, Chairman, TiE Rockies
“Thank you, Don, for taking the time to meet with us and share the unique and valuable perspective you bring to businesses and their owners. I believe each member of our organization can think of examples where your involvement could help a business owner realize his/her goals and complement B2B’s service offerings.”
— Tom Beck, Partner, B2B CFO

This isn’t run-of-the-mill, new-age psycho-babble. Don Scott’s public speaking offer is backed by thirty-five years of business experience and a master’s of psychology. Not only has he walked in your shoes, he has examined the path and can help your audience manage it more effectively.
Don Scott has built successful business units starting with “just himself and a desk” into nearly a billion dollars of assets under management. He has experienced the same work/life demands as you, and he has transformed his life from one of doing to one of being. Now, he shares his wisdom with audiences everywhere, guiding them in their own transformational journeys.


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