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Business Leadership Coach

Helping family enterprises and middle-market businesses thrive

Changes We Create

I look across the conference table at James. We’re on the 20th floor in a high-rise in downtown Cleveland. James looks tired. He has hustled his entire life to build a successful business. He has acquired enough wealth that his family wants for nothing. Yes, James seems to have it all—but “having it all” has come at a price. His work weeks are taking a toll on his health and marriage. He can’t sleep because of the stress. He’s working harder than ever, but his modus operandi is no longer producing the results it once did. If you’re finding that you can relate to James, we should talk. I work with men and women like James, who after focusing so intensely on business and financial success for so long, realize there’s more—who want to dream big again. I help you create a life, career, and business that operates on a new level.
My clients change fundamentally. Fifty- and 60-year-old men and women start talking about the “old me” and the “new me.” Their inner dialogue changes, their businesses flourish, and they’re able to be better partners and parents to their loved ones. They realize they can have so much untapped potential, and I teach them how to find it.


“The real answers for meaningful change in your life, and your balance sheet…lie just beneath the surface."

Don Scott


How You Will Benefit

Our work creates powerful positive transformation in areas including:
● Stress● Time● Communication● Peace● Joy● Grace● Wealth● Leadership succession● Relationships● Clarity● Decision-making● Health and fitness● Family success● Simplification

Our First Conversation

I like to having conversations with business owners and executives to hear their stories, understand their challenges, and assess if our partnership is the right fit to help them achieve their goals. They often tell me they’re yearning for something more. They have pain and have perhaps slowed down enough to realize something of pivotal importance. Namely, whatever they have been doing isn’t getting them to where they want to go next. They're often dealing with:
● Transition● Struggle● Relationships● Friction● Frustration● Stress● Risk● Lack of fulfillment or excitement● Worry● Business is stuck


What’s Unique

The combination of 35 years of business experience and a master’s degree in psychology enable me to work with you both on the outside and on the inside. People often find change hard because they don’t know where to start. Our work is deep and fundamental. It’s holistic, while focusing first on your most immediate priorities. We deal with what you have going on externally in your business and relationships, while simultaneously helping you examine your internal conversations. We not only figure out what’s not working for you, but why it’s not working—and we change it.
I see clients doubling their businesses, revamping their relationships, slowing down, and making better decisions from places of clarity. Clients say our work is transformational—things like, “I could not be surviving right now if it weren’t for the work we have done together.” After our first session, one of my clients told me, “If I never get anything more than I got from that first session, it was worth the entire one-year investment!”

Career History

Don Scott was an Arthur Andersen partner, with a total of 19 years. He spent the next 15 years in the wealth management business, during which time he opened a trust company office and led it from nothing to almost $1 billion in assets. He was CFO and COO of an oil company for three years after that.
He completed a master’s in psychology degree from the University of Santa Monica in 2016. That same year, putting all of this together, he launched his coaching business. He works with successful people who are ready to stop struggling and take it to the next level.


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