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Transformational Business Leadership Coaching

When you're ready to transform your business and your life

About Don Scott

Don Scott is a veteran executive, having spent 35 years in business and finance. He was a partner with Arthur Andersen, an office managing director for a national trust company, and held C-suite positions with an oil and gas company. He also holds a Master's degree in psychology, which helps him better assess your coaching needs.

Don’s professional coaching follows a very personalized process that analyzes your strengths, weaknesses, potential for growth, and areas for improvement. Don holds clients accountable with workable action plans designed to produce measurable results.

Don’s approach is genuine, thoughtful, engaged, and compassionate. The business leadership coaching he provides is designed to inspire transformational change.


“The real answers for meaningful change in your life, and your balance sheet…lie just beneath the surface."

Don Scott


Don Coaches You, Not Your Business

Unlike other types of business leadership coaching and development, Don Scott focuses on you as an individual, not just your business and your role in leading a company. Don’s authenticity induces trust and allows for deeper, more personal communication. And his business coaching always operates in a non-judgment zone.

How He Works

One-on-one business leadership coaching with Don Scott is about active listening. As a long-time business leader himself, Don has the knowledge and experience to understand exactly where you’re coming from. Sessions are discreet, confidential, and non-aggressive. Don is interested in the complete picture of your life. He wants to help you revamp the 25% of your life that isn’t working, so you can operate from inner peace, clarity, and purpose.

What You'll Experience

CEOs, Family Business Owners, and high-performing individuals learn strategies and tactics that bring about genuine change and new possibilities. As Don listens and helps you discover the obstacles that are unique to your situation, he’ll return thoughtful, and balanced insights and advice to help you relax, think, and make better decisions.

What Isn't Working

It takes a CEO to understand what another CEO goes through to keep up a profitable venture. Perhaps you see yourself in the list of pain points below:
● Your stress is taking a toll on your physical and mental health● The relationship with your family is suffering● Your day is a minefield of anger, frustration, and confusion● Your go-to strategy of “just working harder” isn’t working anymore● You seem to have it all, but on the inside, you wonder● Your life is 75% great, but the other 25% isn’t
If one or more of these statements apply to you, Don Scott’s business leadership coaching can help you overcome these difficulties. As a CEO, you make a hundred decisions a day that affect others. Deciding to engage in coaching with Don Scott is the decision you make to take your own life to a higher level.


This Isn't a Quick Fix

Of course you want fast solutions, but you’ll find Don’s approach is thoughtful and methodical. It is designed to solve the core thought and behavior challenges that are holding you back. It takes time. Not every CEO is ready to embrace the type of work that Don Scott facilitates. But if you are, prepare to be surprised by the changes you find yourself capable of and the life improvements you make.

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