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“Don had a totally different perspective from other coaches. He was more concerned about me as an individual and getting to know me and getting to know my process than the business. . . My team, board and vendors are more behind me. My wife and kids respond to me differently. Every relationship is different. Don’s helped me grow so much. I just love the guy. He’s effective as hell.”

Family Business

“Don pointed out issues I didn’t see and taught me a different way to look at things. You get in a mode of thinking about things and looking at things. Especially if you’re successful, you think it’s not broken, so you don’t fix it."
“I’ve come up with better solutions to problems because I think more clearly. It allows me to get other people to help me make decisions. It’s helped build our team stronger and empowering people is our key to success.”-Chip
“Don affected our family immediately. He started with us kids and then it quickly became uncles and cousins. We all have the same reaction of working with Don. His personality has worked well with our family.”
“Don provided immediate comfort and warmness in his personality. I feel so much confidence with what the future holds with the tools he’s brought to me.”-Mike


Gen Y

“Don helped me realize that what was deep inside of me was affecting how other people were viewing me - business associates and investors. Don’s a good person to talk to to hone in on, fine-tuning who you are. You project who you are, whether you know it or not.”

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