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75% of Your Life is Great. 25% Isn't.Let's get that missing 25% back.

As a CEO, you work hard, play hard, and have an unbridled passion for living life to the fullest. Yet many C-Suite leaders feel their life is only three-quarters fulfilled. What happens to the other 25%? 
As a successful business leadership coach, Don Scott works with individual CEOs to explore the inner and outer workings of their lives—and the businesses they run. Wherever you are in your life and career, it’s probably not about money anymore. You have financial objectives and goals for your company. But it’s really about feeling fulfilled and content—and that’s the missing 25%. You want a meaningful, joyous life, experiencing peace with whom you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going. 
As a CEO, you have the power to transform your life, shift that 25% and see your world transform. 
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Stress is Harming Your Health and WellnessTaking care of your physical and mental health is an investment, too.

Most CEOs and other C-Suite leaders are not only high-earners, but savvy investors who use long-term financial strategies to build wealth and protect the future of their families. But many don’t recognize that their health should be their most profitable investment. As a leader with people depending on you at work and at home, you can’t allow stress to reach the point where it’s harming your physical and mental health. Left unchecked, it can affect your decision-making, and that will definitely harm your ability to succeed.
With Don Scott’s business leadership coaching, you learn strategies that give you the breathing room to relax, think, and make better decisions. You’ll learn how to step back and visualize all aspects of your life and business. Imagine approaching all situations with ease and clarity. That is what you learn to do through Don Scott’s Coaching.
You deserve to be calmer, happier, and healthier. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees to protect your health and wellness from the damaging effects of stress.
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Are You Bringing Stress Home?Your family doesn't deserve the added strain of work-related stress in the home.

You work hard to succeed and provide a comfortable life for your spouse, children, and extended family. But if your work-related stress is coming home with you, the people you’re working so hard to provide for suffer from the strain. Your home should be a sanctuary of peace and refuge from the daily grind, not an extension of the office.
Achieving greater self-awareness is a success strategy you can learn through Don Scott’s business leadership coaching. If you’ve never considered how what’s deep inside you affects your family, friends, and loved ones, it’s time for an “a-ha” moment. Whether you realize it, you always project who you are.
Don Scott’s business leadership coaching will help you see yourself, and your situation, with enough clarity to leave your work at the office—where it belongs.

Is Your Workday a Minefield of Frustration, Anger, and Confusion?You can eliminate these from your day. Really.

CEOs can be relentless in their drive to succeed at all costs. But many find their workdays challenging to navigate and become exhausted. When even the smallest inconveniences frustrate you, it’s time to make changes—or risk burnout.
Don Scott focuses on each CEO as an individual, not just as a leader of a company. As a former business leader himself, Don has walked in your shoes and understands your world. The strategies and tactics he provides, in an authentic and disarming way, will earn your trust.
Don Scott works with CEOs to evaluate job-related challenges and help you develop systems to eliminate the triggers that cause frustration, anger, and confusion. His balanced and thoughtful approach will allow you to achieve clarity and reignite the passion you have for leading others.


When "Just Work Harder" No Longer WorksIt's time to develop new strategies

You have risen to many challenges and overcome uncountable obstacles. The answer to many difficult situations was simply to work harder. That work ethic and attitude made you successful. But what happens when pushing harder doesn’t get you the results you want anymore? When you find yourself in a more nuanced situation where powering through isn’t helping, it’s time to re-evaluate your go-to strategies. 
Don Scott has experienced the same work-life demands and once used the same approach. He’s found a much better way and he now shares it with other high-performing individuals. You can be even more successful without killing yourself. (Hard to believe, but true.) Don can teach you techniques that improve your focus, productivity, and decision-making skills—all while working smarter, not harder. 
Helping CEOs transform their lives and businesses is Don Scott’s purpose. He gets as much benefit and satisfaction from helping others as his clients do. 
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You Seem to Have It All, But Face Internal DoubtsYour outward persona doesn't match the one in the mirror.

Most CEOs carry a heavy burden that goes unseen. All the success, awards, and accolades create the appearance of a happy and thriving individual. But underneath, many CEOs lead lives of quiet desperation. And they don’t know where to turn.
Don Scott has the experience and acumen to help you confront these demons in a confidential and compassionate setting. Scott gets to the core of why you feel as you do and guides you to better outcomes.
You can reignite your joy and passion for leadership. And when you do, your internal feelings will match your external persona. Set up a call with Don Scott today.


CEO Testimonial

CEO Testimonial

Rick's business doubled, and he’s looking at another 1.5 x increase this year. Hear what he says about working with Don Scott.

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