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Next Level Growth Group Coaching

Upleveling Performance

My clients are successful business owners, executives, and their family members. They appreciate their successes and everything they have. Their lives are good in so many ways, but they learn how to get real with the parts that aren’t what they want.
Business owners and CEOs – Performance is the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness you bring to your role in your company. Your performance is also how you show up and experience your life, health, relationships, and more. Notwithstanding your successes, there is much more for you. That is, if you knew how to create it.
Consider your team, those who will take your company to the next level. Let’s focus on one of your key managers, call him Jeff. He has been with you for almost two decades. He’s a critical part of your success, and you do not want to lose him. However, you also know Jeff isn’t delivering everything you need. There are holes in his performance, perhaps holes in Jeff. You don’t know how to help him. You don’t know how to get what you need. Neither does Jeff. If you did, or if he did, you’d already have A+ performance from an A+ individual.
Executives – First off, see above. Perhaps you’re the guy or gal who just can’t seem to break through. You have a good career, and you make a good living. You’ve been at it for a while. You’re sometimes frustrated, you’re sometimes bored, you’re sometimes tired. There’s no big crisis, but there has to be more. There is, but you’re in your own way. You want to have more fun and less stress. You want to make more money, but you don’t know how to bring more value to the company. You’re fighting the good fight, when there doesn’t need to be a fight.
There is so much I’d like to say to you. So many questions I’d like to ask you. Only if you are serious about transforming YOU, your business, your life and career. I want to see you making more money. More than that, I want to see you feeling good. I want to help you get out of your own way. I want to help you to find a version of you that you’ve never met before. I want to help you create intentionally rather than living a recycled past.

What if you could…?

● Learn to slow it down● Start marching towards everything you truly want● Get clear on what has held you back and start clearing it● Learn a process for creating change that is radically different● Without judging yourself, others, or circumstances● “Lose the capacity to feel bad”● Learn how to create by design, rather than by default● Begin right now – the only time there is!


Next Level Growth Group Coaching Program

Historically, my coaching work had been one-on-one. When I created my Next Level Growth group coaching program, my objective was to create a “container” where clients could do the same transformational work we do one-on-one. But in a way that might fit better. What has resulted is nothing less than remarkable. See highlights below, and more details further down.
● The financial investment is 1/5th that of a one-year one-on-one coaching engagement.● There is substantial one-on-one coaching built in.● The work is transformational.  ● Business owners send their executives and tell me just a few months in how much change they see. ● The group dynamics add tremendously to the learning experience.● We have fun. Everyone shows up, fully engaged. The time in our sessions passes very quickly.● Consider a 60-year-old business owner who said it was "THE best investment he had ever made". 

Case Study

A consultant/ business-owner who participated in our last Next Level Group. He was working too hard and giving away too much. He was grossly underpaid for the value he brings. More than that, he had a much larger vision for his business, but was just not able to get to it. He was passionate, committed, and often frustrated.
My work with clients is deep, beginning with the inner conversations you are having with yourself. In this case, we uncovered the beliefs and habits of thought that were standing in his way. As he worked through those, the outer steps became clear and executable.
This business owner is superb at getting those limiting inner thoughts right out on the table. We looked at where they were coming from and we sorted them. We eliminated, or at least dramatically diminished, all we could find. As an immediate result, he found new clarity and new power. He began making new decisions and taking bold new steps.
That vision that he hadn’t been able to get moving… Well, he’s moving. Revenue is on track to double this year over last. He, his business, and his life are on the upswing. In many ways he is already 5x where he had been. He is even more excited and passionate. He can see himself stepping into his own power. He didn’t have the capacity or the clarity before. Now he does. He hadn’t given himself permission before. Now he has. His whole world has changed.



● $15,000 investment● Unwavering commitment to fully engage.● 12 group sessions, two individual sessions, plus bonus sessions.● Group sessions begin in September and run through March 2024.● Group sessions are two hours each, delivered via Zoom.● Enrollment opens May 1st.● Limited to 10 participants.● Bonus sessions and lots more that begin upon signup.

What Clients Say

Group Coaching Video Testimonial

Group Coaching Video Testimonial

Hear about Brad's experience as part of the Next Level Growth Coaching Program.

“Thank you for the excellent guidance and coaching you have provided me this past year. Your work has been transformational. After hearing you present at a family enterprise conference in Atlanta a few years ago, I realized you had an approach that was unique and distinctive. Your training in psychology and your 30+ years of business knowledge,experience, and acumen gave you an approach and perspective that allowed me to 'Look at my life through a different lens.' As a result, I have achieved levels of success that I have not seen for 10 years. More important, I am happier in my business life and in my personal life. I woke up in the morning with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. Thank you for restoring my joy for life and work."

“I just wanted to share something that speaks to the impact your coaching is having on me. An individual who left (our company) last July came to the office yesterday. We then got to talking about (our company). He was surprised to see so many new faces and to hear how much things have changed since he left. He remarked 'You really seem to be at peace with all of this,' as if he could hardly believe it.And I thought, he couldn’t have said something nicer to me! I am at peace with all of this, and I feel great about how things are changing, for me as an individual and for the company and my team. Thank you for helping me create this change, Don!"

“Just last week my wife said something along the lines of, 'Wow, you have really been so helpful and supportive these past few weeks. I appreciate it so much.' At which point I told her, 'Thank you for noticing – this is how I want to be from now on.' I talked to her about the coaching with Don and how it’s gotten me thinking more deeply about how I show up. Clearly it’s having a positive impactalready!"

"Wow! I love so much about this message Don. This gave me such a different perspective. And I really appreciate your counsel around not rushing this. Not thinking so linear as to a beginning and an end but more of a constant process of progression."

“Thank you again for everything Don. I am sograteful for you, and the impact you have had on my life."

"Thank you so much! I can’t thank you enough for what this experience has done for me and my family. You’re doing some amazing work!"

“Thank you! I really appreciate you, and your support. Man you’re one of a kind. Thank you."

"I loved our session yesterday. You are helping me so much!"

Next Steps

Our Next Level Group transforms those who engage in it. Their career performance, how they show up in the world, and how they experience life, changes dramatically. Consider it for:
● Yourself● Those who work for you.● Family members● Others you care about
Reach out to me for a conversation.moc.hcaoCttocSnoD%40noD | 303-330-2458

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