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Call us: (303) 330-2458

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"Working with Don has been transformational. It has changed my life."

Leadership Coaching to unlock your full potential.

Don focuses primarily on three groups, including their families and other stakeholders:

  • Middle-Market Business Owners

    You’ve worked hard to created a substantial business. Now, it sometimes feels like you’ve got a tiger by the tail. When does all the dirty, hard work begin to let up? How do you get your senior leadership team behind your vision? How do you get to that next level in your business? How do you get to that next level in your life? Before it’s too late.
    It all begins with you. You can’t see your own blind spots. More than that, if you want something new, something higher, you must do some things differently. I help you discover the what and the how. I help you see what needs to happen, and then we go there. How to let everything you want unfold.

  • Family Businesses

    You want your business to grow and prosper. You want it to go to the next level. You want your family to grow and prosper as well. You need them to get to their next levels. You want more…harmony and peace. Beyond that, do you wish for them to live inspired lives?
    I lead each client to be the best version of himself or herself. We begin by clearing out those old beliefs, habits and barriers that stand in the way. I help move your family and your business to the next level.

  • Executives and Professionals

    You’re tired of just trying to run harder and faster. Life is really good – mostly. You want to be the best you, at the top of your game. You need to be a powerful leader, and less of a manager. You’re a creator, but wouldn’t it be nice to create more by doing less? What about adding to your energy throughout the day, rather than ending drained and exhausted? What about taking care of your health and fitness? What if life was so peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling that retirement wasn’t even important?
    You’re doing too much of it the hard way. That got you to where you are now. It won’t get you to the next level. I help you learn how to create more by doing less, how to get outside of your problems, and how to find new levels of clarity.

Why Work With Don Scott?

You are successful, but you're incomplete. You really don't know what questions to ask. How do you create more of everything you truly want? How do you reduce the things you don’t want?
I bring a unique and powerful combination of 35 years of business experience and a Master’s degree in psychology. My work and process have proven time and time again to transform clients’ lives, businesses, and careers.

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Peace of Mind

Less Stress

Stronger Relationships

Greater Clarity

Better Decision-Making

Higher Impact

Greater Financial Success

Client Testimonials

  • CEOs

    “Don Scott and I have been working on a number of items, most notably managing my stress; which has changed the outcome on closing deals, finishing software projects, improving my family relationships and managing cash flow; the latter being the most stressful thing I have been dealing with over the past several years.”

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    Family Businesses

    “Things are in great shape all around for the family and the businesses. Not sweating the small stuff and taking advantage of TIME in a more meaningful way.”

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    Gen Y

    “Up until our conversation, I had been dancing around this. What an incredible step forward! You changed my life; more specifically, you enriched my soul's experience in life by telling my soul it is okay to want this. Don Scott is incredibly talented.”

Contact Us

I help my clients create a level of total success far beyond where they've come so far. It’s about the conversations you are having with yourself, including those you don’t even realize you’re having. It’s about barriers you’re too close to see. We unpack all of that and find the right next steps. I’ll take you wherever it is you want to go. Reach out to me to schedule a conversation. Serious inquiries only.

About Don Scott

I spent over 35 years working with successful business owners before creating my coaching business. I was a partner with Arthur Andersen, an Office Managing Director for a National trust company, and held C-suite positions for an oil and gas company. I also hold a Master’s degree in psychology. My combination of business experience and psychology is unique - a fundamental difference between myself and other coaches. I understand business owners and speak their language. I understand how to help them sort through the thoughts, habits, and decisions that aren’t working. And, how to replace them with new ones that will work.
I listen at a very deep level, and in those conversations is where the magic happens. I have developed my approach and process over time, and the results are proven over and over. The work I do with clients transforms lives, revitalizes strained relationships, lifts leadership, and moves businesses forward. Your investment is in you, creating the future you want. It all begins with the only time there is - right now.


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