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The Uncluttered Mind


Don Scott

The Uncluttered Mind- Part 4

April 1, 2020


An opportunity to reevaluate is upon us all. The silver lining in the current reality is that it knocks us out of the status quo. This is a chance to re-think rocking along in a life of high-end mediocrity.
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The Problem with Success

We chase it so hard we don’t often stop long enough to truly define it. When you have no money, it’s about creating money. Building a business or career. I’m a capitalist. I like money. I like taking nice trips and all the rest. Query: If you could hit pause today and describe a new kind of success, what would that look like?
I work with successful people who want more out of life. In this context, success means a successful business, career, and a good bit of life that is what they want. What about the parts that are not they want? As we slow down and truly examine, it turns out that there is a good bit that is not really working. I get into coaching conversations with a lot of people. Generalizing, we begin with around 25% to 50% that is not quite working. Not what they want.
· Relationships with spouses, parents, children, or others are challenging
· Health and fitness have been neglected
· They work too hard
· They are dealing with uncertainty, or are downright confused
· Peace is spotty at best
· They carry around a host of negative patterns of thought and emotion such as worry, stress, frustration, and more

High-End Mediocrity

I’m being a little harsh here, but intentionally. Consider someone who has financial success, a couple of nice homes, a good life, many $ millions, whatever. But it’s incomplete. Their life experience includes a good deal of the sorts of things described above. They would like to be a certain way, have a certain impact, have a certain experience, but they don’t really know how to get there. So, their life is like a Ferrari with two bad sparkplugs.

Why not have it all? Why not have the truly rich and juicy life? And, most certainly enhance leadership, business, career, and financial success?

Too Busy

When I run into people who have found their way into some sort of crisis, they never seem to be too busy. When people begin to feel exhausted, beaten up, when the unhappy portion begins to aggressively encroach on the happy, they find the time. They get to a place where they have to decide.
When you aren’t broken, but are simply overwhelmed. After all, you have broad shoulders. When it really gets busy. When you are charging the hill under the weight of the pandemic circumstances. It is very hard to stop and think about how it could be better. How you could be better. Yet, that is exactly when you might want to carve out a little time. This is the time when you need to be at your best. It is probably the best time to really get your own attention. You have trouble doing that.

The Time to Reevaluate is at Hand

Look for the silver lining for you. A lot of business owners are going to be reevaluating whether or not they want to continue to be business owners. Whether or not they should start getting ready for an exit when circumstances stabilize and opportunities present. People will reconsider many of their strategies, the risks, their careers, and more.

Getting kicked out of status quo is a good thing. If you can step back and look at your whole picture, this is an opportunity to paint it anew. From where you are right now, how can you be better? How can you create more? How can you create more fun, more peace, better relationships, greater personal impact, or whatever it is you truly want? 


Recommendation #1:

Decide to take advantage of this impetus to reevaluate everything.  

Recommendation #2:

Acting on that decision, what would you change if you knew how? Ask that question from your heart. Be expansive.

Recommendation #3: 

Now, you can really act!

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