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Make 2019 Your Year!

January 1, 2019


2019 can be your best year ever! What if every year going forward could be more fantastic than the last? That is most certainly what I intend in my business and life. In this writing, I want to say something that will crack open a space for you so wide you can’t ignore it. I so hope it is meaningful for you.

Year in Review

I see two reasons for looking backwards. One is for gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful force for good. For forward movement. The other is for instruction. What can we discover that will serve us in creating the future we truly want? Do you see the theme? Looking backwards is valuable, but only to the extent it helps us look forward.

Human beings love to lament the past for other reasons. To over-evaluate, judge, compare, and get really focused on whatever is wrong. Don’t do that! It’s truly a bad habit. It will just keep you stuck, and bring you more of what you don’t want.

So, from this forward-creating vantage point, evaluate 2018. Make two lists. One, of the things that serve you. The things you want more of. Another, of those barriers that stand in your way. The parts of your experience and results that are not what you want. The things you’d like to change.

Dream Big for 2019

If you’re 25 years old and you’d like to create the next Microsoft or Apple, that’s dreaming big. If you are 50, making great money, working too much, worrying too much, are stressed, and you’d truly like to live in absolute peace and joy, that’s perhaps a bigger dream. I love to see successful people create more, better, faster. True success is about having it all.
You can make 2019 stand out as the year! It can be the beginning of every year getting better and better. I work with people who want to take their careers or businesses to the next level. Way bigger than that, they want to change the way they walk through life. They want peace, not stress. They want to live in fulfillment and joy. They want to learn how to eliminate the detractors.
Most people I meet have no idea how this fits together. I know I didn’t. Most hold the belief that if they’re not suffering in some way, they won’t have the financial success and trappings they desire. Having worked with dozens of clients over the years, my experience is quite the opposite. Peace, joy, career, and business do not need to compete for their respective slices of your personal pie chart. When you get this right, your pie chart simply expands.

Be Encouraged. Be Committed.

Stop creating the past from the past! Make a decision, right now, to break out. No matter your age. No matter your balance sheet. This is your chance to turn the whole thing on his head in a way that will surprise and delight you! No matter what you have or where you are, right now is your opportunity for so much more.
I have seen tremendous success on all levels. In your life and business, you may be talking about fine-tuning. You could be looking at a substantial overhaul. It is all about change. It is about a willingness to examine what you want and what you don’t want. It comes from getting clear and getting committed. I help people figure out how to do that, and the steps to create the change they want. I know it happens. I see it unfolding all the time.
I love the analogy of getting on a train. Clarity and commitment equate to stepping on the train. The train is heading down the tracks. If you are on, you’re going! Let me share a few stories I experienced in 2018. Just a few bottom-line examples.
● Small business owner who dramatically changed her life experience, and doubled her top line revenue.
● 28-year-old who was tired of the way the cards seem to have continuously been dealt. Upset about not having gone further in his career. He is making massive strides towards upping his game in all respects.
● Partner in a large firm who is clearly going places. He loves his career and firm, but just couldn’t see another 10 years the stress. He is now seeing the future, at his same firm, very differently. And, taking steps to affect the external change he wants.● Professional who made a big career change, joining a large service organization at just under seven digits annual income.
● Business owner who was looking for his second half. Sold his business for several million dollars, and is happily pursuing what’s next.

Be Bold

Whether you are 30 or 60, an executive, a business owner, massively wealthy or not. Now is the only time there is. The past does not matter. New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen. I am asking you to look into your Soul! To do it from a place of expansion and possibility. To not settle for anything less than fantastic. Life truly fantastic in all respects may sound like a tall order. It may take a while. Sure. So, what? You can keep having 70% of life as you want it and sacrificing the other 30%. Or, step on the train right now! All there is, is the journey. Make it a good ride!

I have something I believe will help you. If you would like to receive it, just send me an email at .moc.hcaoCttocSnoD%40noD Make 2019 your best year ever! Make it the start of stretching every year beyond the last! 


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