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Gen Y-ers Coaching

Getting Through to Gen Y-ers (and their parents...)

When you understand Gen Y-ers' challenges, you can chart a new path for your future.


Who are These People? And What Do They Want?

Generation Y-ers, more commonly referred to as Millennials, is a unique generation. Over 80 million strong, they’re full of promise, drive and ambition, yet prone to self-doubt and getting stuck in life. They are tech savvy, idealistic and strongly believe in justice, social responsibility and philanthropic endeavors. But they can also be self-centered, and full of disappointment when their expectations fall short in life. Some live the high-rise condominium lifestyle, while others languish in their parent’s basement.
The challenges Gen Y-ers face are complex, eye opening, and often difficult to navigate. But they’re also quite solvable. Don Scott specializes in helping Gen Yers and their parents resolve the problems that cause developmental delays, while helping them reach their full potential.

Don Scott, Author

Scott is the author of a recently published book on the subject, “Gen Y Unleashed: How to Create the Life of Your Dreams”. The majority of Gen Y-ers have reached college graduation, ready to embark on the idealistic lives they’ve planned for themselves. Yet a good deal of this population segment finds themselves confused about the direction they’re headed. Don Scott, with a master’s degree in psychology, brings his outside perspective and knowledge to bear in the pages of this book. Millennials and their parents will find actionable solutions to break the logjams, find clarity, restore confidence, and begin making progress again.


You'll Know When the Time is Right

As a Millennial, or the parents of a Millennial, the trials and tribulations above may sound familiar. For parents, it’s a natural instinct to want to help, guide and teach your child how to live life better. But if that’s no longer working, Don Scott can help. As a C-Suite executive with over three decades of business leadership experience, there’s little he hasn’t encountered. And with a perspective gained through a master’s degree in psychology, he’s here to give you hope.
If you’re still trying to “fix” your Millennial, you’ll know when the time is right for outside help.

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