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Escaping Moderate Success


Don Scott

Escaping Moderate Success - Part 7

August 29, 2018


Why don’t you have it already?

Part I – The trap is a level of success so demanding you can’t get through it to the full success.

Part II – That full success is the life that makes us feel so good we can’t stand it. Lot’s more of the good and way less of whatever it is we don’t want.

Part III – Creating more by doing less.

Part IV – The hard way paralyzes us.

Part V – Getting out of the brown box.

Part VI - The Big Dream.

Part VII – Getting Out of Your Own Way

If you’ve followed all the way through this series. If you have actually done what I have suggested. Then, you’ve painted a picture of something different than what you have now. Quite a bit better, in fact. If you’ve allowed yourself to really go big, it is way, way better. I like pictures of having financial resources and living in absolute peace. Imagine walking through life without stress, anger, judgment, comparing against others, judging the past, and all the other myriad upsets. Imagine losing the capacity to feel bad. And, from that place creating more money, a better business, a stronger career than ever before. Now, that’s something to get excited about! Your better scenario is entirely within your reach.
But, you have to get clear on what it is. You have to get excited about it and ultimately committed to it. That means you have to get out of your own way…
There is no good or bad here. No right or wrong. It is what it is. I can tell you a guy or gal would have had to work awfully hard at it to even approach my own level of getting in your own way! In the past, that is. I was so aggressive, as one example. I created a lot of good things. And, I stepped on about as many opportunities as I capitalized on. I most certainly did it all with maximum wear and tear on yours truly. In the past.
This is something I can illustrate with this little pyramid. In the bottom segment, we have our beliefs, our experiences, our judgments, all those things inside. The next layer is behaviors. Actions. At the top are the outcomes.

What most people don’t get is this. Our behaviors and actions are directly and fully instructed by what’s inside. Period. We try to focus on the results we want. We focus on the actions - and action ourselves to death. All the while doing it from a foundation that doesn’t support those actions.
That’s like charging through life with giant rocks in our backpacks. People are out there creating every day with their backpacks strapped on. When I have a session or two with a client, "the thing" usually begins to stare us in the face really quickly. As soon as we can see those rocks for what they are, we can begin getting rid of them.

Here’s the quiz. The prize is $500,000. (Just kidding about that part.) The thing is, if a successful guy or gal like you can create everything you have accomplished so far, with rocks in your backpack. Imagine what life can be like when you start shucking those boulders out of your damn backpack! This is life on wings.

I’ll come back to this next time. Maybe give you a few real life examples. If you don’t think you have any rocks in your particular backpack. Well, that’s possible, but would be uncommon. A recent survey indicates 73% of us do, in fact, carry a substantial level of these rocks. And, the other 27% are liars. (I just made that up too, but it does make a point.)

Recommendation: Consider why you don’t already have everything you want? What are your limiting beliefs? What are the barriers? Some are above the surface. Things like, I have so much work to do I can’t slow down long enough to create the life I truly want. Some are beneath the surface. The things that cause you to think you need to be so freaking busy all the time. Make a list. Check it twice. See you next time!

I am able to take a few new clients each quarter. If you would like to explore possibilities for defining and creating the change you want in your life, business, and/or career, I am open to a conversation.


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