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Escaping Moderate Success


Don Scott

Escaping Moderate Success - Part 6

August 8, 2018


This is where it starts to get fun! You’re at A. You want to get to B. First though, a summary of this series so far.

Part I – The trap is a level of success so demanding you can’t get through it to your full success.

Part II – That full success is the life that makes us feel so good we can’t stand it. Lot’s more of the good and way less of whatever it is we don’t want.

Part III – Creating more by doing less.

Part IV – The hard way paralyzes us.

Part V – Getting out of the brown box.

Part VI - The Big Dream.

Life is pretty good. You may be a business owner with a ton of money. A high-power executive with a great career. All of us are where we are right now. There is no other time. We look up and find ourselves in this big iron brown box. There are a lot of good things in there. There is also much we don’t want hanging around with us. Stress, guilt, fear, judging the past, comparing to others, business and career challenges, I could list out 50 more I see all the time.
It’s just not all it could be. One person wants to get his or her business really growing. Another needs to sell. Career is some good and some not so good. Seems like everybody is looking for little peace. But, you find yourself inside the brown box. Just banging your shoulder into the wall trying to scoot it along the ground! (I can’t tell you how many people have told me in the last few weeks “That’s me!”)
In my last blog, I described getting out of the brown box. You just can’t create a really fantastic place, from inside the brown box. So, I’ve encouraged you to give yourself a little time. To cut yourself a little slack. To stop trying to figure out what to do next. And, just step out of the brown box into the sunshine. Now that you are out, where would you like to go?
This is what I call “The Big Dream”. This is where I get to see 60-year-old guys light up like little kids. Guys and gals, of all ages. Let’s start by considering three critical questions.
1. What is the big dream?
2. Why is it so important?
3. How do you figure out your big dream?


Imagine creating an “Ideal Scene” for your life. Painting a picture that would truly bring you excitement. This picture, this scene, may have 30 elements. Pick a number. A certain amount of wealth or income. How you feel, what you do, relationships, where you hang out. You get to be the artist of your own life. FINALLY – ABOUT DAMN TIME YOU SAY!!! I’m not asking you to commit to anything just yet. I’m saying go back and be a little kid again, with everything you know today. Dream big! When you finish that picture, and hold in your hands, you’d better get a big grin on your face! Otherwise, you painted the wrong picture!


Because you want to go from A to B. You want to go from the brown box to everything you deserve. Everything you’re perfectly capable of having. Because you’re tired of living a mixed bag and are ready to take it to the next level. Life, money, all of it! You cannot create that without clarity and commitment. The alternative is life by default.


That is, how do you paint the picture? (The physical creating of the change comes later.) You have to get out of your own way. You have to start feeling more than thinking. Shifting from a place of limitation, to one of possibility and expansion. It is important not to think about how you’re going to do it. Not trying to convince yourself that you can do it. Not fretting about that maybe you can't You aren’t ready for any of that yet. For now, just focus on painting the picture you want. Make it, say, 70% believable. A certain amount of stretch is more than fine.
Next time, we’ll just keep going. We’re just getting started. This is the process for bringing more possibilities out from within you than you ever thought possible!
Recommendation: Practice letting yourself open up. Call it day dreaming. With pen and pad, start painting that picture. Think of it like a wheel with spokes. You are in the middle, and all the rich and juicy parts are on those spokes. On mine, I have things that embody experiencing my daughters in my life, my marriage, experiencing cool places, some things about my business, all the great things that bring me joy and satisfaction.

This is quiet work. Quality time. Cup of coffee in the early morning. Glass of wine in the evening. Whatever works best for you. Give it a go and see if you can find that big grin! And, DO NOT get hung up on if and how. This is just a part of the creation process. We will get to the rest, as we move along.

I am able to take a few new clients each quarter. If you would like to explore possibilities for defining and creating the change you want in your life, business, career, I am open to a conversation.


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