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Escaping Moderate Success


Don Scott

Escaping Moderate Success - Part 2

June 12, 2018


Many hardworking successful types find themselves trapped by moderate success. Partial success. And, they’re really too busy and focused to stop and figure out what true success might look like. Let’s look at it through a new lens. A view that encompasses financial achievement, but much more.

Redefining Your Success

Money – A good place to start. Consider someone who started with nothing, had something to prove, and built a big, successful business. Decades of risk, and dirty hard work. Not knowing if he was going to make it. Wondering how long it was going to take to get over the hump. Now, call it 30 years later, he has a $100 million empire. 
He or she should be proud. This is certainly success. But, what’s the "more"? He can’t wear all the clothes in his closet, take all the trips he can afford, or live in all the houses he owns. There has to be more. Doesn’t there?
We could also talk about the overworked executive or professional. Making really good money. Grinding it out. Recharging from those nice vacations. Feeding on the accomplishments and prestige. Looking forward to retirement. Doing some things every day she enjoys, and a whole lot she doesn’t.
Financial success is a great thing. It represents achievement. It can enable. It is a part of the bigger picture. 
Peace – I meet a lot of really successfully people who are stressed. Stress is their familiar, unwanted, companion. It may be manageable, but it’s always there. Stress is the opposite of peace. Business owners, executives, professionals, parents for that matter, are harassed. Financial success brings complexity and stress. That takes us away from what we truly want.
To go further, "upset" can be defined as the presence of negative emotions. Anger, fear, shame, frustration, and dozens of others. Think of being triggered. How often do you experience, or perhaps what percentage of the time are you in, upset? 
I don’t mean to say all of mankind is broken and miserable. I do know that most people experience a lot of stress and other upset throughout their day, week, month, and year. 
Contrast that with the euphoric state of being completely void of upset. Imagine walking through life in absolute peace, never experiencing upset at all. Living in true peace every moment of every day. Is that possible? Yes. It’s a wonderful way to live life toward. Meanwhile, let’s look at your peace meter, with 10 being that euphoria state, and 1 being miserable torment. And, there are no 7s. Averaging out a typical week in your life, being really introspective and honest, where do you fall? Maybe another way to ask the question is how often is your peace meter a 6 or below? How often are you at a 9?
Fulfillment – Is your life truly fulfilled? Do you carry with you that rich feeling of knowing? Your purpose, your wealth, how you spend your time? Are you true to what you truly believe at the deepest level? Do you know what you believe at that core level? Fulfillment is a bottom line emotion, if you can cut through the noise.
Much more – How about joy and excitement? Do you wake up excited every day? Are you having fun constantly and consistently? Or, are those reserved for events or moments in time? How’s your health? Are you fit and energetic? Are you living life or is life living you?

We Get Our Perspective Out-of-Whack

I can remember long periods when I was making really good money. And, I knew full well that was no way to live. That voice inside of me I didn’t want to hear. Fear and other negative emotions got in the way, and forced me to just keep charging.

I meet people who have made tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, and are trapped by their own partial success. Much of what got them to that place stands in their way now. What caused the quest for financial success, even after they have achieved it, squeezes out the opportunity for the “more”.

We have this idea too that if we were to focus on this “soft stuff”, like being radically happy and fulfilled in the truest sense, we’d have to give up something. How can I be hard-charging in my career or business, and find meaningful time for personal growth, time to relax more, time to re-evaluate and change my world? I get it. I have been there. But… That’s absolute bullshit.

Life So Good You Can’t Stand It!

You can have it all. You have financial success. That will only be enhanced. What if you could take all the good parts of life, including those potentials, and blow them up. What if you started getting rid of those parts you don’t want? You want to lose 30 lbs.? You want to learn how to not be stressed? Not be upset? You want to re-engineer your world? All of that is achievable and way easier than you think. More money, or more inspired use of the resources you have, is a natural outcome.
Because you don’t know how at this moment, does not mean it isn’t possible. It just means you don’t know how. Consider the power in getting clear on the change you’d like to create in your life. Nothing more than that right now. Just being brutally honest with Self, and painting a picture of a full life, hitting on all cylinders. One that creates a smile on your face you just can’t wipe off!
I invite you to reach out to me by phone or email. I will make the time to have a conversation that could change your life, including your financial outlook. Or, the life of someone you care about.


Recommendation #1: 

Create your list of all of the pieces. Money, peace, relationships, time, job, where you live, fitness, – whatever they are. If a 10 is everything you could possibly want, how does your life rank for each?

Recommendation #2:

What conclusions can you gather from the preceding exercise?

Recommendation #3:

How clear are you becoming on what your over-the-top fantastic life would look like?

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