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Escaping Moderate Success


Don Scott

Escaping Moderate Success - Part 1

June 5, 2018

Six Truths That Can Change Your Life

Truth #1 – Most people can’t describe the success they truly want. They can define parts of a higher personal success goal. They can come up with words that are in the right ballpark. But, they are not clear on what their truly successful life would look like.
Truth #2 – Connecting with that absolutely fantastic life is therefore impossible. You can connect with parts of it. A watered-down version of your personal (and financial) potential. A version that’s filled with some of what you want and a lot of what you don’t.
Truth #3 - It’s impossible to live into it, and to create it, without knowing it first. Without true clarity around the whole picture, you just can’t get there from here.
Truth #4 – The trap of moderate success is inevitable for 99.9% of the “successful” humans on the planet. It took a lot of dirty hard work to succeed your way into the trap. It takes work too, albeit of a different nature, to move through being “trapped by moderate success”. Through and to a place where you have it all.
Truth #5 – Money is a small part of the equation. I have worked with many great people over the last 35 years. Those with family-owned businesses and others, having hundreds of millions of dollars. Those with good careers. Entrepreneurs with businesses trying to turn the next corner. Everything in between. They all know it’s not really about money. But, they feel and behave mostly like it is. Their world conforms to that.
Truth #6 – People believe suffering is just a part of it. And, that not suffering is giving up something. It is. It is giving up suffering. It is giving up those parts of life and commerce that don’t work, don’t serve, and get in the way. We can all have more money, more joy, more success on all levels. It’s there for the taking.

Holding Back is the Default

This series is about Escaping Moderate Success. There are lots of life coaches and others out there. My practice is different. I was an Arthur Andersen Partner, an Office Managing Director for a National trust company, a COO and CFO. I am The Business Leader Coach, with 35 years of financial experience and a Master’s degree in psychology. The people I work with are each unique, but with more in common than one might imagine. They are already successful in a financial sense. Because of the drive, the focus, and the intensity it takes to create that, they have not always created the “more”. Their more has too often become bigger houses, more trips, larger companies, higher positions, and busier lives. None of those are bad. They just aren’t the full "more".

I remember a question I asked one of my family business clients a long time ago. This was a multi-hundred-million-dollar enterprise. The topic was business strategy. Sensing the moment and perhaps feeling playful, I asked him “What’s your business strategy, Jim?” He thought, grinned, and shot back: “Fight the hottest fire!” 
Perhaps you had to be there. But, that is how so many of us operate in our lives. Creating by default. Creating the future from the past. Dragging along much of what you want and way too much of what you don’t want. You can take credit for your successes. But, you had better take responsibility for the rest. 
Try to imagine creating the future from the future! Just contemplate what those words might mean. And, what your life might feel like with more abundance, peace, joy, and all the good stuff. And, with a whole lot less of everything that stands in the way.
I invite you to reach out to me by phone or email. I will make the time to have a conversation that could change your life, including your financial outlook. Or, the life of someone you care about.


Recommendation #1: 

Really consider the “Six Truths” outlined above. How true do they feel for you? How can this awareness shift something inside of you? Can you begin to feel an eagerness that could change your life in a powerful way?

Recommendation #2:

Take a note pad and a quiet hour. Look inside and see a life so good you almost can’t stand it. Let it pour out of you onto that pad. See the pieces and feel what your life would be like if you had the changes you say you want.

Recommendation #3:

Don’t ask yourself why you don’t have it already. We aren’t ready for that. That is the opposite of what I want you to do now. Ask yourself instead: Does this feel really good to me? Is this something I would absolutely like to create (if I knew how)? Do I feel excited just dreaming about the possibilities?

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