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Don Scott Group Coaching

Transforming the 25% That’s Not Working

My clients are successful business owners, executives, and their family members. They appreciate their successes and everything they have. Their lives are good in so many ways, but they also learn how to get real with the parts that aren’t what they want.
Imagine, right now, what it would be like to have everything you truly want, with a whole lot less of the things you don’t want. You want peace. You want to have more fun, to be more fulfilled, to be excited. You want to grow your business, improve relationships that aren't working, and more. You want it not to be so hard.


What if you could…?

● Learn to slow it down
● Start marching towards everything you truly want
● Get clear on what has held you back and start clearing it away
● Learn a process for creating change that is radically different
● Do all of that without judging yourself, others, or circumstances
● “Lose the capacity to feel bad”
● Find a way of being in the world that is creating by design, rather than by default
● Begin right now – the only time there is!

Our Recent Group Program

My primary work has been one-on-one coaching, which requires a hefty commitment. I also meet people who aren’t ready for that level of financial investment, even though they have the same wants, needs, challenges, and opportunities.
In 2021, I created my first group program, and by all accounts it was a smashing success. The impact was nothing short of transformational. We had a lot of fun. Several clients who connected through the group have chosen to continue with one-on-one coaching.


Case Study

Consider one grossly over-simplified example: A consultant/ business-owner who participated in our last group. He was working too hard and giving away too much. He was grossly underpaid for the value he brings. More than that, he had a much larger vision for his business, but was just not able to get to it. He was passionate, committed, and often frustrated.
My work with clients is deep, beginning with the inner conversations they are having with themselves. In this case, we uncovered the beliefs and habits of thought that were standing in his way. As he worked through those, the outer steps he needed to take became clear and executable.
This business owner is superb at getting those limiting inner thoughts right out on the table. We looked at where they were coming from and we sorted them. We eliminated, or at least dramatically diminished, all we could find. As an immediate result, he found new clarity and new power. He began making new decisions and taking bold new steps.
That vision that he hadn’t been able to get moving… Well, he’s moving. Revenue is on track to double this year over last. We could call his business 5x where he was, but he sees himself going to 50x. He is even more excited and passionate. He can see himself stepping into his own power. He didn’t have the capacity or the clarity before. Now he does. He hadn’t given himself permission before. Now he has. His whole world has changed.


Group Advantages & Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages with a group program relative to my individual coaching. The obvious disadvantage is there is less one-on-one. A group cannot necessarily be as personalized. Having said that, our groups are small, and we pack in a lot of direct, personal coaching and interaction.

Three primary advantages come to mind: 1) The dynamics, interplay, and sharing between the group members is extremely valuable. It’s a safe place. Participants share, interact, and learn from each other. 2) Each group session includes a breakout session of about 30 minutes. These are in pairs or threes. Participants find these breakouts to be one of the best parts of the experience. 3) The financial investment is a fraction of one-on-one coaching.



● $15,000 investment, payable at sign up.● Unwavering commitment to show up, engage, and begin on time.● 12 group sessions. One in the first half of November, one in the first half of December, and then twice per month for January through May of 2023.● Group sessions are via Zoom, two hours each.● Group sessions will begin at 11:00 am ET, on Wednesdays.● Three individual sessions, each 1.25 hours.● Bonus sessions from sign up through October.

Next Steps

Reach out to me for a conversation. Share with a friend.moc.hcaoCttocSnoD%40noD | 303-330-2458

Group Coach Testimonial

Group Coach Testimonial

Hear about Brad's experience as part of the Don Scott Group Coaching Program.

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