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Creating Change


Don Scott

The Cost of Status Quo - Part 2

August 20, 2019


In Part I, I made the case we all have good things going for us and rocks in our backpacks. The good stuff is in spite of those rocks. Those rocks, being habits, habits of thought, negative beliefs embedded in our programming, beating ourselves up over the past, and lots more. If creators can create business and financial success. If you can have a life that has so much of what you want. What does it look like when you start jettisoning the drags on your performance, financial results, peace, and joy?
Group 1 takes the plunge. However, you get there. Whatever the pain, stress, or realization it was that it took to get you to open up. You have made the commitment and begun moving forward in a way you could not have understood before. Your world begins changing for the better very quickly.

Group 2 remains undecided. You are creating by default, as you have been for your entire life. That’s not wrong or bad. It’s just not remotely as robust as it could be. You are perhaps trying to tweak what you have been doing. But nothing has changed fundamentally. At best, you are doing it the hard way. Realistically, things stay pretty much the same.

Why People Choose Status Quo

So, if there are changes one would like, why would he or she choose not to get in front of them? There are a whole bunch of reasons. The short answer is “I’m just not ready.” But that’s a cop-out. Being not ready is not the reason. The question is, why are you not ready?
Below is a roundup of the usual suspects. These are the things that stand between you and the life you really want and deserve. The true success that will have you smiling. These are the reasons you shortchange yourself, choose struggle, and put a damper on your life. Big damper or smaller damper? I see them all. Why would you choose any damper?
1. Status quo is familiar. Its gravity is very strong. Life and business might be a 6, 5, or even a 4, and you may see a way better picture of a 9 or 10. But that 4 or 5, that everything you know and do every day, has a big hold on you.
2. You don’t know how. That is, to get clear on and create the change you truly want. Of course, you don’t. If you did, you’d already have it.
3. You don’t believe you can change. That is largely because you don’t know how. All I can tell you is I see people almost every single day find clarity and commitment, and then create more and more of what they want.
4. You think the answer is the same dirty hard work you’ve always done. It’s not the same work. It’s different. It’s really a lot easier than just more of the same grinding.
5. You’re too busy. I totally get that. I also get a kick out of it. I have said to more than one person “Let me get this straight. You’re too busy to let me help you not be so busy.”
6. On a deeper level, you don’t think you deserve it. A lot of people, including financially successful people, have holes inside. The conversations they are having with themselves are perhaps wrapped up in a lack of worth. Almost certainly some “no pain, no gain” thinking. There is a lot going on in those conversations. Much is not clear to them or obscured from them.
7. Just can’t make a decision. Decision-making is interesting to observe. Often enough, I just want to grab someone by the shoulders and say, “Don’t you see how your decision-making and behavior in our interactions are a direct reflection of your life?” We typically are not far enough along in our conversations to know what’s really under the hood. But it is easy to see them arguing for their own limitations. Their inability to take the bold step, and their readiness to shrink back into the excuses of the status quo, are exactly why they don’t have the things they want at this point in their lives.
8. You don’t want to make the investment. If someone wants to hire a good coach, it is an investment. It’s an investment of time and money. Most of the people I meet can afford the investment at some level. This one is just a convenient excuse. I can guarantee that if you have sorted your way through 1 thru 7, this money issue goes away. You must commit or it’s a clear vote for nothing changing.
Well, surprise, surprise, this one is running a little longer than I had anticipated. Thus, this is going from a two-part series to a three-part series. We’ll get the final segment posted up in another week. That will highlight the true cost of the status quo. I’ll throw in a story or two to make the point!

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