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Executive Leadership Group Coaching

The Don Scott Group Coaching Program


Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

 Life is good, but it feels like something is missing, and you’re struggling to name it.● Things are going well in your career, but you have a feeling that there’s more you could be doing. ● Your modus operandi is no longer working. You want to make a change but the pull of the familiar is preventing you from moving forward.
If this is you—and you’re serious about creating more opportunities in your life, career, and business—my group coaching program may be the answer. My work is about transforming the 25% of your life that isn’t working and empowering you to be the highest and most robust version of yourself. Over the course of nine months, we will meet via Zoom in both group and individual settings and help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

What You Will Get from Group Coaching

During these virtual sessions, I will give you the tools to improve your performance and outcomes across these six critical categories: 

Time. Time is a precious commodity and it always feels like there’s too little of it. I will help you optimize your hours and seize opportunities when they arise.
Clarity. Your vision of where you want to be may be out of focus, and the journey to get there is confusing. In my experience, it’s an issue of perspective—people looking through a cloudy lens or the wrong lens altogether. I can help you find clarity and a new way of seeing things.
Peace. When it comes to your problems, relationships, or business, does it feel like you are constantly fighting an uphill battle? It’s the curse of being a high-achiever. Learn strategies to cope with stress, balance your responsibilities, and gain a sense of calm amid the storm.
Relationships. When life is out of balance, it’s often your closest relationships that feel the impact. Spouses, kids, partners, colleagues. What would it mean to these people, and to you, if you could give them the best of yourself every time?
● Money. You’re the kind of person always striving to take your business and career to the next level. If the “old you” got you where you are today, then consider just how far the “new you” can go. The possibilities are truly endless.  Fun. I can teach you how to have fun. Not the obvious fun, like taking a vacation or enjoying a new piece of technology. I’m talking about being so excited that you can’t wait to get up every morning. I’m talking about finding joy and feeling vigor every day of your life.


The Group Coaching Program


When you sign up for group coaching, you get:

Twelve 2-hour group coaching sessions. The first of these meetings will kick off in the first half of November, and the second will take place in the first half of December. Bi-monthly sessions will start in the new year and run from January to May.
● Three 1.5-hour individual coaching sessions. Three are included, at 1.5 hours each.
● A network of supportive, like-minded individuals. A huge benefit of my group coaching program is that you’ll go through the process with other successful, ambitious people who have similar challenges to yours.
Virtual convenience. All coaching sessions will take place over Zoom, allowing participants to fit them into their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

The Time and Financial Investments

You should plan on investing approximately eight hours per month over the entire length of the program, which includes the sessions themselves plus reading or other activities you may be asked to complete.
The financial investment is $15,000, which is payable upfront. Your space is reserved when the funds have been delivered.

Sounds great. What’s the next step?

If you find any of this intriguing, reach out to me. Together we can figure out what’s missing, what you’re striving for, and if my group coaching program can help you get there.
I can be reached by clicking below or by calling my cell phone at 303-330-2458.


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